Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I am exhausted

I love Christmas time and everything that comes with it. But I must admit, I am tired. I know I am not the only one that feels that way...I hope...

  • Cramming all the wrapping paper and boxes into a garbage can way too small.
  • Finishing off all the goodies so they won't be able to tempt me on January 1st...ya know..."I am going to be skinnier day!"
  • Endless amount of pine needles to vacuum from my now dead Christmas tree.
  • Finding places for all the new toys to hide...
  • and parting with old toys to make room for the new ones (my kids really hate the DI because it takes all their toys away...really, I am just addicted to getting rid of unneeded things ;)
  • Coming down from sugar highs.
  • Affording enough batteries to power all the toys.
  • Catching up on laundry that has stacked up.
  • Figuring out things for the kids to do while they are home.
I am sure there are a lot more, that is all I could think of for now.

**Without sounding like too much of a downer...I am so grateful for these things because it means I have people to take care of...

Enjoy your New Year and put down that cookie! Or mail it to me!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!
We are so grateful for all of you and for your friendships!!! This has been a great year for us. We have been so blessed and have grown and learned so much. We are greatful to our Savior for his atonement and making it possible for us to be a family! We hope that all of your Christmas' bring you joy and peace and love!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Baily & Mommy Date

I took Baily out by herself the other day. I don't think I have ever done that before. I realized the other day that she is kind of smooshed in the middle of our busy life, and while she is great and usually goes with the flow I thought it would be fun to have some one on one time.

We went to Subway and had lunch. She was so excited to eat the double chocolate chip cookie!

It was kind of crowded at Subway and as we sat down to eat we were just talking and I asked her to say her ABC's. She sang them at the top of her lungs! It was adorable. We got some great looks!

Then we went Christmas shopping and she picked out something for each family member. It was so fun and I made a promise to myself to spend more alone time with each of my kids. It is so vital and I really had fun just talking and playing with my silly, smart, imaginative 3 year old.

SNUG as a BUG in a RUG

The kids get to sleep in the same rooms every Friday. They live for this night and love it. I love it for 2 reasons. #1-I get to put them to bed early so that by the time they actually do fall asleep after all the giggles that it isn't too late. #2-It is one of the only times that they are not arguing, but actually having fun and enjoy each other.

So when I went in to check on them this is what found. Kylee and Tyler, asleep in the closet. It reminded me of when they were younger Kylee was 4 and Tyler, 2. This how I found them then, asleep in Kylee's top bunk. Cute Cute!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Uncle Troy and his SNAKES!!!

My brother is one of the best people I know, and that fact has not gone unnoticed for my children. They absolutely adore him. He has married an amazing woman (love you Rae!) who is one of my best friends and they have two of the cutest boys on the planet. The day that they moved here to Utah was one of the happiest days of my life and sometimes when I go to their home or they stop over at our house I am still amazed to have them so close and be able to have our kids play and grow up together. I just love it, and I love them.

They graciously watched our kids for us on Monday so James and I could go out and celebrate my birthday (I'm pushing 30!) and while they were there they were able to watch my brother's 2 snakes (red tailed boas) feed on rats, they held them, and were able to help give the snakes a bath. Now...let me just say that they did not get their love of snakes from me. Snakes have always been and will continue to be the #1 thing that I am afraid of!

Kylee is the cutest, girliest tomboy you will ever meet and absolutely LOVES the snakes. She was so honored to be a part of the who ensemble. Tyler was equally as excited. Baily wanted nothing to do with them. Here are some pics of their night. EWWWWW!

Malia even got in on the fun. If I didn't trust my brother as much as I do and know the snakes are harmless I would have been mad at him for letting my little baby touch the snake! Notice how he is holding the head of the snake far away from Malia. Tell me it doesn't just give you the willies though!!
Here is Zachary (almost 10 months) and Malia playing together.

Thanks Troy and RaeLynne for being such a good Uncle and Aunt to my kids!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Can you hear the bell???

Believe in the magic of Christmas.
Sit down and watch the Polar Express. It will put you in the Christmas mood!!!


Tyler turned 6 today! It was a wonderful day! I am so grateful for the past six years that I have had with Tyler. He is so special to me and I wanted to share with you some of my favorite things about Tyler.

1-He is very tender-hearted

2-He is very wiggly-constantly moving. (I have to tell him to stand still when he is talking to me so I won't get dizzy.)

3-He has the BEST laugh

4-He is kind to his sisters

5-He loves to add

6-He is learning to read

7-He is very gullible

8-He loves fudge (or sweets of any kind-his first real word was "cookie")

9-He eats all the food off his plate-no complaints .

10-He loves to draw

11-He wears a hole in the left knee of his pants almost as soon as I buy them

12-He makes the coolest gun noises

13-He has asthma

14-He sleeps very deeply

15-He says "thank you" or "I love you" to me everyday without fail

I am a lucky mom to have a son like Tyler. He lights up my world and I can't wait to spend a lot more years with him! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYLER!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Me and My Teddy Bear...

Baily was in her first dance recital on Friday. It was so cute! She was actually one of the only girls that were dancing and remembering the steps. I wish she payed attention like that at home!!! We were very proud of her and I think we have a natural born dancer on our hands...
Here she is with her friend.

Sorry this picutre is so fuzzy.