Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Life at the Hansen's. Oh boy!

Can life get any crazier?? (Don't worry I just knocked on wood).

I read a blog post today from a blog I regularly frequent. Stephanie Nielson is my hero! She is a walking miracle and a total rock star! Her blog post today helped me stand a little taller and remember how blessed I am to be a mother and how I can no longer be a whimp about it. It's tough, but so am I! And I LOVE a good challenge.

And it helps that my kids are so gosh darn cute! (What? Biased? Me?)

Malia and Dalin...they love each other 50% of the time so I had to document it.

Tyler rockin' a skeleton costume we found in the Halloween box. I thought he should have gone with it, but he thought it was a tad small.

 Just lovely. How is she already so beautiful and mature? She is such a good girl and so far (we're only 7 months into teenage hood) she is a pleasure! I am one lucky lady.

I love this picture because it shows Dalin's serious side. He is always thinking and trying to understand his world. Today, while watching Curious George, he said to me matter-of-factly, "Mom...banana's come from monkeys!" After a couple of minutes of trying to explain that monkeys just like to eat banana's and that banana's grow on trees I gave up, cause he had already figured it out. Banana's come from monkeys. Yup. Let's just hope he figures it out before he shares that with his Kindergarten class...

Malia posing with a leaf. By the way, this little cutie turns 7 on Friday (((((((gasp)))))) Which leads me to my totally irrational, totally useless and totally weird phobia of odd numbers... And how do you think I feel with Kylee who is 13, Tyler 11 and Baily 9...all ODD. Now Malia will be 7 and I will turn 35 next month! The only sanity I have to hold onto is that Dalin is 4 and James is 36...Phew.) Okay that was random, don't judge. I know you have a weird phobia...hidden in there somewhere.

 Baily (9) throwing out the peace signs. With her fringed shawl and tutu that needed to retire 10 washes ago!

 More of Kylee. She has her own phone but yet, I still find dozens of selfies of her on my phone.

Tyler holding his first cousin on the Hansen's side. Sweet, sweet baby Emma! She really is the best baby ever- such an angel

Dalin with his bat pumpkin.

Then there is this handsome man who I don't give enough credit to. He is working so hard right now, tons of overtime so we can make ends meet while we "patiently" wait for our rental home to sell. He is the best. THE best. 

Yup. Life is crazy. 5 kids is a lot of kid. I struggle to juggle housework, kids, my side jobs (passions), my calling as Primary Prez, taking care of pets which I loathe love, eating right, exercising, paying bills, staying on budget...blah blah blah...But, you know what, when I leave this earth and meet my maker, He sure as heck isn't going to ask me if I kept my kitchen floor mopped and all the grass stains off my kids pants...He's gonna be making sure I made people feel good about themselves and that I taught my kids how to pray and how to be kind. He's gonna make sure I made my man feel worthy and loved and let him lead our family. He's for sure gonna make sure I tried my best, not that I was perfect, but that I never stopped trying. That's what I will get to stand up tall and answer to.