Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I ran 13 miles and I am ALIVE to show you the PICS!

I did one of the hardest things of my life over the weekend (Besides given birth without an epidural, that is)... I ran a half marathon!! I hate to toot my own horn but I am pretty dang proud of myself. It was not so bad until the last mile and a half. The last leg of the race was a slight incline and I had walked for a minute to get an energy block and then I just had a hard time starting up again. But I did start running again, but I was so tired I didn't know how the heck I was going to run another mile and half. Thank goodness for my heaven sent friend, Sue, who is an awesome runner and finished the race before me and then turned around and came back and met me. She ran the last mile with me. She was so inspiring and helped me make it that last little bit. Here I am at the end of the race!
This picture is just seconds before crossing the finish line! I was TIRED! I ran in 2 hours and 28 minutes. That is slower than I was trying to shoot for, but I was still very proud of myself for finishing. I plan to do better next year. There is my cute friend Sue who helped me cross that finish line. I am so grateful for good friends who help me finish those tough races in life!
I reached the finish line and kinda fell into James' arms (yes...just like a romantic movie...except I was really sweaty and smelly) and then I just started crying. I was just so happy to be done and I was exhausted and overwhelmed with all my family there supporting me. My parents where there, my hubby and kids (Kylee and Baily actually ran the last little bit with me and across the finish line...I wish I had a pic of that!) My sister Tami and her hubby, and my sister Tara (she ran the race too! GO TARA!) It was a great experience! Something I would recommend to anyone!
This picture cracks me up because I can't tell what I was thinking...It is one of two things, "Why did I just do that??" or "Who will catch me when I fall."

MY 2nd GRADER...gosh I'm getting old!

Kylee's first day of 2nd grade was great! She was so excited, a little nervous, but mostly cute cute cute! I can't believe that I have two kids in school now. Tyler will start Kindergarten on Thursday!

Here's cute Kylee all ready in her cute new clothes and ready to head to school!

The kids have to wait outside on the grass until the bell rings, I waited with her and I was not ready to let her go. You'd think after three years of doing this that it would get easier. Nope!!!
Kylee at her desk! I heard one of the teachers say "Some of the parents have more seperation anxiety than the kids!" That statement couldn't be more true. It is one of the hardest things to walk out that door and leave your child at school. I just pray they will make good choices and be kind to others! One more school year...here we go!

She's MOBILE!!!

Malia is officially a crawler! It took her a couple of days to realize that the crawling can get her places... Like to my chapstick that was on the floor. It's cute to see her little adorable face peeking around corners as she makes her way around the house. A big part of our house is tile so her little knees are all red! It doesn't get any better than Malia!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Favorite Olympian!!

I am awed and inspired by the Olympics this year and can't get enough of them. My favorite Olympian this years is definitely Michael Phelps. He is so fun to watch and such a great swimmer. Not to mention that he is the most decorated Olympian of all times and still racking in the metals. If you aren't watching the Olympics you are missing out.


The "Random Thing" Tag Rules...
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1) I color coordinate my clothes hanging in my closet. There have been a couple times when I have challenged myself and put a pink shirt in the middle of the blues and then I try to walk away...there is an unseen force that I can't control that makes me turn around and put the pink shirt back were it belongs.
2) I sing random songs to the beat of the running dishwasher.
3) There isn't a morning that I wake up and am excited to face the day. Grrrrrrr! Mornings...bahh humbug! Sleep is so special to me and I don't get near enough of it.
4) I drink milk straight from the carton. It's a nasty habit I learned from my dad and much to James' sorrow I have now passed it on to my kids. You may want to bring your own milk jug if you come to my house for breakfast!
5) I still don't know my left from my right, and have to make the two L's with my hands when driving and someone instructs me to turn left.
6) There are many times when I think about something and then in the next second or two it actually happens. I don't know if this last one makes sense, but it happens a lot. Once when I was working as a bagger at a grocery store in high school I was coming around a checkout counter to help a customer and in my mind I thought, "I am going to fall," and then my next step was onto a paper bag on the floor and I slipped and fell flat on my face.

I am cheating by not tagging 6 people, just post this to your blog and let me know if you did so I can read your random things! Let me know I am not the only weirdo!

OWWWW, new shoes and blisters!!!

I know, I know, you don't want to look at pictures of my feet...but I must show you what my new shoes and training for this half marathon have done to my poor feet. I have 11 blisters on my feet! 11!
I ran 11 miles today (maybe that's why I have 11 blisters, one for each mile!) and while I do feel really good and proud of myself I must whine for a minute about my sore feet! So WAHHHH! Feel sorry for me, and say a little prayer for me cause my race is only a week and half away! Can't wait!

Lemonade Stands and HAMSTERS!!!

So, a little bit ago my kids and the two girls we babysit had a lemonade stand. They decided that with their earnings they wanted to buy a HAMSTER! My kids have been wanting to get a hamster for a long time. I guess I am gluten for punishment because now, sitting in a little cage in the girls bedroom are not one, not two, but three hamsters! I know! I am crazy. We bought two and that was grand, glorious, great! (except for the eye gouging and name calling I hear all day long between 5 kids and two hamsters!) But then!!! I come home from hitting the garage sales on Saturday and while I was gone James had taken the kids to the pet store to get some "accommodations" for the hamsters and ends up buying another one!!! I could have shot my husband. He blamed it on Kylee's big brown puppy dog eyes...sucker...

So...despite at least one hamster getting lost a day and us tearing the house apart trying to find it before the cat does (who knew hamsters and cats weren't buddies...) It has been pretty cute to see my kids taking care of and loving those little hamsters. It is weird what animal loving children can do to easily persuaded parents.

Note to self: If your kids ask you to have a lemonade stand, change to subject real quick and take them to get an ice cream!