The Funnies

3-26-12 ~ Today while we were sorting through summer clothes, Dalin became attached to some pink crocks that belonged to his sister. He walked all around the house in them with a toy phone to his ear, talking away. Surprisingly he didn't trip once in them!

5-1-13~ We started playing a game called "I Wanna See" today. Everyone in the family says one thing they want to see that day. Then we report back each night if we actually saw it. It teaches the kids to set intentions and see what comes into their life when they believe and are open. Here is what everyone wanted to see: James-smiling kids, Me- a boy in an angry birds hat, Ky- Big Ben, Ty- His cousin Troy Jr., Baily- a horse with a trumpet on its back.....ummmmmm....okay?!  Needless to say, James was the only one who saw what he wanted! We'll try again tomorrow. LOL