Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Ogden Nature Center

One of the fun things that we have been doing through the summer until now is going to volunteer at the Ogden Nature Center. We get to feed, and take care of some of the animals that are there. It is something that the kids love and makes them feel pretty cool. We use to go every week, but now that school started we just go every other Wednesday.
All of the animals there are in cages and have been injured somehow. The kids get to feed snakes, tarantula, owls, lizards, toads, a pelican and tortoises. Tyler's favorites are the snakes and the tarantula's. He loves to dangle a dead mouse in front of the snake until the snake strikes and bites it. He did not get that from me! I am in the corner of the room breaking out in cold sweats just watching him feed the snakes. Yuck!
He also loves the tarantulas. Here he is holding it today. They are actually very gentle creatures. Don't you love his face. (SIDE NOTE-The other set of hands you see is a trained professional. I promise I don't go around encouraging my kids to hold tarantulas!!!).
I have learned a lot about these animals and have faced some fears (snakes) doing it, so it has been good all around. Kylee's favorite thing is feeding the birds. She puts dead mice on their perch and also changes their newspaper and gives them fresh water.

Here's Malia peaking at the tortoise.


Kari said...

A Mazing. I. Can't. Believe. That. Tyler will not be staying at my house on your visit next time. Nope. People who play with spiders are not allowed.

Charlotte said...

Just seeing him hold that spider gives me the creeps!

Tausha and James Hansen said...

I am so use to seeing and taking care of that spider that I forget how creepy it really is. I went back to look at the picture and it is crazy. You are all probably thinking what a bad Mom I am for letting my son hold that!!! They really are gentle and if they bite it is just like a bee sting. Not poisonous. I know...CRAZY

Charlotte said...

Are you kidding? You should see what my kids bring for me to see. I always shudder and then try to hide it so they can enjoy exploring without thinking it is creepy.

Anonymous said...

That is such a great idea. your kids have no fear. no way could i do that.

Rae Lynne said...

What a great mom you are to encourage their love and curiosity for animals in such creative ways! You really do the coolest things with your kids!