Monday, March 28, 2011

What a MONTH

Wow! We have had a busy month! Dalin had RSV last week, and due to lots of prayers, a priesthood blessing, essential (kick butt) oils, and lots of TLC, he is doing great. He still isn't sleeping well, but I think it is mostly due to getting out of his routine. He thinks he needs to nurse ALL night long. And that just isn't working for me anymore...
Here's a sad, but still adorable picture of him getting a breathing treatment at the doctor.

The highlight of my months was getting to meet one of my hero's, Carol Tuttle . She is an author of some amazing books, that I have been eating up. She is an amazing, inspired woman and I am loving what I am learning from her. I just adore her, and I had the privilege to go down to her see her, at her Center for Living Your Truth in Draper, Utah and meet her. I was completely star struck and didn't have the courage to say all I wanted to her. Darn it! But luckily I will be attending more of the seminars she holds every month, so I will work up the nerve eventually to tell her that she is changing my life. She really is. Check out her books, and see the journey that I have been on.
Here are a couple shameless plugs to my Etsy store (where I am selling some COOL stuff that I have knitted and crocheted) and my new blog, Remembering JOY. I have put a lot of heart and time into my new blog. I am not an expert, and don't claim to know all there is about life, but I share with you some small ways we can start changing our lives and letting more JOY in!