Monday, December 20, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

Birthdays, Baptisms and Chubby Babies

Tyler Turned 8 on the 3rd!!! He was so excited for his birthday. We took him and Kylee out of school early that day and we all went to see Mega Mind. It was a fun day.

Some of my favorite things about Tyler are;
-He LOVES to learn and is always asking questions and reading books.
-He is a natural athlete and the star of his soccer and basketball team.
-He is a good student
-He is most always kind to his sisters and smothers Dalin in kisses and does the cutest baby talk to him.
-He is a good friend
-He is very obedient
-His blue eyes and toothy grin melt my heart every time!

The next day was his baptism day. It was such an amazing day. Tyler was so prepared for baptism and at his young age already has a firm grasp on gospel principles. The spirit was so overwhelming strong there and I was very grateful to have such a boy as him.

Our sweet Dalin got CHUBBY over night. He is so fun and doesn't lack when it comes to getting his cheeks kissed.

James and Tyler were able to run in the Ogden Santa Run. Me and the other kids wen to watch. It was the funniest thing to I have ever seen to see all of those people dressed in Santa suits running down the road! They had fun and even got milk and cookies at the end of their race.