What Type are YOU?

What is energy Profiling?
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How is Energy Profiling different from any other personality test out there?
First of all, Energy Profiling is SO much more than identifying your personality. Most of the time, our authentic, divine nature (like how we behaved and moved through life as a small child ) is suppressed or shamed  by people in our lives. If you were very energetic as children you may have heard things like, "settle down" "stop talking" or "stop fidgeting".  If you were shy as a child, like me, then you may have been told to "speak up" or "hurry up".

These things that we were told, or certain labels that were put on us, ie: shy, rambunctious, bossy, slow, too serious, etc. begin to define us...

Over time, we grow to be who others want us to be. We are expected to follow social norms, or behave a certain way. Our true nature begins to play second fiddle to the person we think other's want us to be.

Energy Profiling digs far deeper than "our personalities". It allows us to see clearly the way God created us. Who we truly are.

How do I identify my Energy Type?
There are 4 energy types. Type 1 (Bright and Animated), 2 (Soft and Calming), 3 (Swift and Dynamic) and 4 (Structured and Exact). Carol Tuttle's book, My Energy Profile is fascinating and very comprehensive. By the time you are done reading it, you will know exactly how to identify your energy type, as well as those around you.

Your energy profile is determined 3 different ways,
1. Your facial features
2. Your Movement
3. How you behaved as a child (your authentic self)

What has Energy Profiling Done for Me?
~It has given me permission to honor and love myself.
~I now see some of the things I considered to be weaknesses, as my greatest strengths.
~It has made me a better wife.
~I know each of my children's energy profiles, and I am able to understand, speak and treat them in a much more honoring way.
~It has given me confidence and a much more joyful outlook on life.