Thursday, July 24, 2008


Here are some pics of our wonderful vacation to California.
We spent a couple days with My Aunt Ann and Uncle Dan and their boys. They were so fun to be with and we had a great time.
James and I attended my 10 year high school reunion in Sacramento which was so great and fun to see old friends!
We also tried to go to the beach but it was really cold and windy so we were only there for a couple of hours.
The last day of our vacation we went to San Fransisco with my best bud Tracy who lives in Sacramento. It was so much fun. It was just great to get away from our stressful was a much needed vacation for all of us. The next few blogs are from our trip.
Cute Tyler, eating his cereal. The kids were loving the continental breakfast at each hotel we stayed at, and they ate fruit loops every morning...I guess I am a mean mom and don't give them fruit loops at home!! Eat up Tyler....yum yum!

Some of my buds from the reunion! Here is beautiful Malia entertaining herself with some blades of grass at my high school reunion picnic.

Malia and I eating breakfast at the hotel.

My Aunt Ann with Malia...they loved each other!
My cousin Kyle also loved Malia. He is 13 years old and changed 2 of Malia's diapers!!! He is so cute with her. They were good buddies while we where there.
Here's Baily doing crafts with Aunt Ann.
I love this picture because Malia fell asleep with her hand on her cheek like this. Also, one of my favorite things about Malia is her long eyelashes...can you see them... so pretty.


So...after 1500 mile of driving my sanity is no more!!! I think we stopped every hour for a potty break. If I never see a nasty gas station toilet again it will be too soon!!!! We tried to keep our selves entertained...
Tracy and Kylee squished in the back seat!
Malia kept herself busy eating her toes. She was the best little traveler! She was very pleasant. I love my little chubby girl!!
Making funny faces at the camera!
Cute Baily! She was a good traveler too. She did a lot of singing to herself. It was cute because she would try to make Malia laugh and while Malia was entertained by her, Baily would end up cracking herself up. Silly girl!

San Rafael, Cali

So this was my kids first stay at a hotel...we don't get out much... and they were going nuts. It was the coolest thing to them. We stayed at a hotel in San Rafael. I love hotels cause we get to make messes and leave them!
There was a beautiful pond and water fall in the foyer of the hotel. The kids loved to watch the giant fish swimming around. I was sure at any moment Tyler was going to hop right in with them.

The beautiful view from outside our hotel. The ocean is just over that mountain.
Here we are! Getting ready to head back to Sacramento. Malia is trying to steal Kylee's spot light...

Beautiful San Fransico

Here are some cool shots of the Golden Gate Bridge in the fog! It was too chilly to go to the beach so we just hung out at in San Fran. As many times as I have seen this bridge I am always amazed by it. I love it!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Truths vs. Myths

This is a great video about the myths and truths about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is worth watching and sharing with others!

Monday, July 7, 2008

We had a great 4th of July! I started the day off with my first 5K race!!! Yipee. It was great and I can't wait to do more races. I only have another month and a half until my half marathon! We had a breakfast and flag ceremony at my mom and dad's house. Then we just hung out with the family and then went to the Layton park and watched fireworks. It was great! I am so grateful for my family and our freedom in this awesome USA!

Here's my beautiful, toothless Kylee!

My Aunt Ann painted Tyler's face!
This is how Baily sits all the time...what a lady!!