Thursday, July 24, 2008


So...after 1500 mile of driving my sanity is no more!!! I think we stopped every hour for a potty break. If I never see a nasty gas station toilet again it will be too soon!!!! We tried to keep our selves entertained...
Tracy and Kylee squished in the back seat!
Malia kept herself busy eating her toes. She was the best little traveler! She was very pleasant. I love my little chubby girl!!
Making funny faces at the camera!
Cute Baily! She was a good traveler too. She did a lot of singing to herself. It was cute because she would try to make Malia laugh and while Malia was entertained by her, Baily would end up cracking herself up. Silly girl!

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Kari said...

I love Kylee's face with Tracy. Full on "ghetto G funk girl"