Monday, September 27, 2010

My Poor Baby

Our poor little baby had to go to the hospital last week. I brought him to the doctors on Thursday, Sept 23rd, because of a yucky cough he had that was getting worse. I was shocked when the doctor found that both of his ears where infected. She told me that when babies under 30 days get ear infections they worry because it usually means something more serious is going on inside their little bodies, so she told me to go to the hospital where they could run some tests and monitor him.

At the hospital they gave Dalin an IV, drew a whole lot of blood, did a spinal tap and a chest x-ray. When they took Dalin away for the spinal tap (no parents allowed for that procedure) James and I just cried and prayed and prayed some more. It was very scary. He did very well and they said most babies actually fall asleep during spinal taps because of the tight fetal position they get them into, which Dalin did, thank goodness)The chest x-ray was by far the worst thing. If you have ever seen or had one of your kids have a chest x-ray all I can say is I feel your pain, and if you haven't...I say pray you never do!!! They are awful. They have to stick the baby in a plastic clear cylinder shaped thing and strap them in with their arms above their head. It is torture!!! So hard to watch! He also had a heart rate monitors strapped to his chest and an oxygen monitor strapped to his foot.

I was grateful to the staff at McKay Dee for how thorough they were . They crossed every "t" and dotted every "i". I am so grateful for the doctors and nurses who were exceptionally good at their jobs and took very good care of Dalin.

After all the testing was done we played the waiting game, as we waited for all the results to come back. James came and went for the next 48 hours as he took care of the other kids and worked. My Mom came up for a little while to keep me company one day too. So Dalin and I got a lot of time to watch movies and take naps.

Besides his awful cough, you would have never known he was sick. He had no other symptoms, not a runny nose or a fever. We were relieved to find out that he did not have a secondary infection and that he had 2 viruses. One was the common cold virus, and the other was the virus that causes croup. The viruses where also the cause of the ear infections.

After a steroid shot to help open up his air way to help the cough we were able to come home Saturday afternoon. He is on antibiotics for his ears, but other than that he is doing great. He is a fighter, and we are so grateful that everything turned out to be okay. It could have been a lot worse.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Due Date

September 17th...My due date...And my 3 week old baby!!!
First of all, I can't believe that Dalin is 3 weeks old! He has fit so flawlessly into our family that it seems like he has always been here.

He is the sweetest, most cuddly, lovable little boy ever. I am soooo enjoying him. I am so grateful that I feel so good (mentally and physically) and that I have been able to enjoy these last couple of weeks.

After the kids go to bed is when Dalin has started to stay awake for a couple of hours. This is my time to love on him and get to know him more. He is so great, and I can't wait to have many more years with him!
Right after a bath

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Change the way you LOOK at things and the things you look at CHANGE

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Can't Get Enough

It really pays to know people in the photography business!! A friend of mine was kind enough to take some amazing pictures of Dalin. He just gets cuter everyday!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Hansens

Things are going pretty good around here. Dalin has just fit right into our family. He is the icing on our cake!! He is so sweet and everyone is adjusting well to having this precious little guy in our home.

His jaundice levels were really high when we had his check-up last week, due to his immature digestive system that couldn't filter the bilirubin out fast enough. He had to be under the UV lights, which wasn't fun, but it could have been worse. We are just grateful he is here and healthy.

We will probably be able to take him off the lights tomorrow. Here he is, snuggled in the bilirubin light bed. It fits snugly into his bassinet, so we just put him in that.
This is him with the portable light that we can use while I am feeding him, or to just hold him. It fits right under his back and the band you can see is just a strap you Velcro over his belly.

We are all doing well and loving our little Dalin. He is such a blessing and we just can't get enough of him. We are so lucky!
Tyler is thrilled that Dalin looks EXACTLY like he did when he was a baby. He is a good big brother and glad to not be so out numbered anymore!!