Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Hansens

Things are going pretty good around here. Dalin has just fit right into our family. He is the icing on our cake!! He is so sweet and everyone is adjusting well to having this precious little guy in our home.

His jaundice levels were really high when we had his check-up last week, due to his immature digestive system that couldn't filter the bilirubin out fast enough. He had to be under the UV lights, which wasn't fun, but it could have been worse. We are just grateful he is here and healthy.

We will probably be able to take him off the lights tomorrow. Here he is, snuggled in the bilirubin light bed. It fits snugly into his bassinet, so we just put him in that.
This is him with the portable light that we can use while I am feeding him, or to just hold him. It fits right under his back and the band you can see is just a strap you Velcro over his belly.

We are all doing well and loving our little Dalin. He is such a blessing and we just can't get enough of him. We are so lucky!
Tyler is thrilled that Dalin looks EXACTLY like he did when he was a baby. He is a good big brother and glad to not be so out numbered anymore!!


Tami said...

I LOVE that picture second from the last! What a little stud!

Rae Lynne said...

So glad he is starting to get better and will be off the lights soon! Love you guys!