Thursday, September 9, 2010

Can't Get Enough

It really pays to know people in the photography business!! A friend of mine was kind enough to take some amazing pictures of Dalin. He just gets cuter everyday!!!


Rae Lynne said...

Wonderful pictures! I especially liked pictures #1,2,4,5,and 6. He IS getting cuter and cuter. Love you guys!

Tami said...

So sweet! I love the "fall" one...his hair is so cute! Kiss that baby for me!

Nicolas, Natalie, Avery, and Aunica said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Oh my word, he is such a beautiful little boy. I can't believe all his hair! I love it! And these pictures are gorgeous. I need to be hooked up with your friend. :-) We're so happy for you. Great job!