Monday, December 28, 2009

We had a wonderful Christmas. We were able to spend some great time with the Hansen's in Vernal, UT on Christmas Eve and then with my family on Christmas. We were beyond blessed from so many people! We received more than we deserved. I will let the pictures do the talking.

Kylee's favorite gift

Tyler with a new shirt

The kids playing on a huge pile of snow at Grandma and Grandpa Hansen's house

Christmas Eve in Vernal

Malia with her new pillow

At the Hansen's
My Dad and Tyler building a Lego Bionical

The kids with my parents
Happy Children!
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Monday, December 14, 2009

Good Food, Good Times and Best Buds!!!

I had the best weekend! It all started with my best friend Tracy coming into town from my home town Sacramento, CA on Thursday. She was able to hang out during the day on Friday and see a crazy day-in-the-life of me...surprisingly enough she still wants to have kids of her own after being here!!!

Then we met up with my other 2 best buds Kari and Melanie (we have all been friends since we were 9 and 10!) at a fabulous hotel in SLC. We ate yummy food, listen to music from back in the day, looked through old album's and said stuff like "How did our mothers let us out of the house in that! What is my hair doing in that picture! Why didn't someone tell me that guy I dated was a looser!"
We stayed up way too late, ate too much junk and had the time of our lives. I love these girls and love how well they know me. It was hard to leave them and I just want you girls to know how much I love you and how grateful I am for you!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tyler Turns 7!!

Tyler is 7 now! His birthday was on the 3rd. We celebrated on his birthday by getting our new car, and then going to the fun zone (Tyler's heaven on earth). He had his first friend party on Saturday. It was pretty crazy fun. I learned my lesson on not inviting so many boys.
Tyler is so special to our family. He is the survivor of three sisters, that in itself is a big accomplishment. There would be a huge hole in all of our lives without our Ty. Here are a few of the things that make Tyler unique:

-He gets 100 % on almost all his spelling tests-
-He loves to play sports and is really good at soccer and basketball-
-He is very obedient and almost never questions "why" when he is told to do something-

-He talks baby talk to Malia, and always makes sure she has what she needs (even when she may not deserve it)-
-He can play by himself for hours, just in his imagination-
-He is a very grateful boy. Ever since he was old enough to talk he remembers his pleases and thank yous-
We love you Tyler! Happy Birthday! (ps. there may have been another birthday around here, a certain old lady turned 30...but we are not mentioning who....shhhh.....)
Here are James and Kylee as the pirates in charge of the treasure hunt at the party. Pretty cute, huh!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Miracles and Restored Hope

To begin, I am not telling this story because I want you feel sorry for me. I tell this story because I want to testify that God is real! He hears our prayers! He knows us personally! If you are reading these words, and you have ever doubted that there is a Heavenly Father, or if he has given up or not cared about you, I am here to tell you that he knows you and loves you...And miracles DO still happen!

It all started back in August when our mini van decided it didn't want to work anymore. So, I drove the truck around and James was able to use his scooter. While we were waiting for the diagnosis on the van the trusty and reliable scooter (that is a complete exaggeration) decided it didn't like working either. So...we were down to one vehicle, the truck. My brother and sister-in-law very generously offered to let us drive there Pontiac.

We got the news not long after that our van had a cracked piston and needed a whole new engine. It would cost almost twice as much as the van was worth to fix. We just didn't have the money.

At least we had the Pontiac, and at least we had the truck, right? Well, about 2 weeks ago the truck decided that it felt left out and wanted to stop working. Really? Could this be happening? How does something like this even make sense? We have no vehicles left!

I don't remember very many times in my life when I have actually gone to my knees and asked my Father in Heaven for a miracle. A miracle is what it would take. And we needed one.

It was about 8:00pm on Wednesday night when we received our miracle. A large sum of money was given to us, with the instructions to go buy a new car! Now I use the term "new" loosely, BUT the vehicle that were able to purchase with our Christmas miracle money is as wonderful and beautiful as anything I have ever seen. Here are the key features: It starts! It runs! It fits our whole family! And it's OURS!

I know that God lives. He hears our prayers. He may let a struggle sometimes. He may humble us, and allow us an opportunity to rely on faith, and long suffering...But then he blesses us. This Add ImageI know! Please think about and give thanks for the miracles in your life.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Turkey Day Fun

We had a great thanksgiving. We spent the day at my dad's parents house. It was a small gathering (compared to how many people there are in the family). It was my parents, all my siblings and their families and my Uncle and his family. We had a wonderful day. I didn't get as many pics as I wanted, but here are a few...

My sister Tami with her baby, Spencer. Isn't he wonderful?!! He is almost as chubby as Malia was. Almost. My mom and Kylee

We headed over to the park after eating. The kids had a great time. Malia spent the whole time going up and down the slide. She would sit down at the top of the slide and fold her hands like this and slide down, it was cute. Kylee wore flip flops to the park...yes...flip flops and was playing basketball and skinned a huge chunk of her toe off. It was not a pretty sight. Then, my brother, Troy (who is a bigger sucker than I am) told the kids that they could have $5 for every time they stole the ball away from him in their basket ball game. Tyler walked away with $20 in his pocket and Kylee with $5. Good times!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

my thanks

There is a beautiful excitement and peace that comes with this time of year. We all feel it. Something changes in the air. Something changes in people. I feel it more today than anytime before. I feel a peace and a hope that hasn't been there for very much of this year.

If I was looking at this last year as a glass half empty, I would whine and tell you about all of the hardships. The trial after trial that have come, one right after the other with no breathing room. But if I was to look at it as a glass half full, this is what I would tell you. These are my thanks...

James. How grateful I am for my husband. I did not know that men like him existed. He is so good, and patient, kind, helpful, forgiving, understanding, intelligent, funny, humble and strong. He honors his priesthood and honors his role as husband. To that, I am grateful.

My kids. When I was a girl I filled my days playing with dolls and imagined being a mother. My own mother instilled in me a reverence and an appreciation for the importance of being a mother. But even that would not have prepared me for how much I would love being a mother. Is it painfully hard at times, YES. But the joy that I feel when I look into their little faces far out way the bad times. I am thankful to be a mom.

I am grateful for my health. I am grateful for sleep =) I am grateful for my family and for James' family. I am grateful for friends. Good food. My home. The mountain. Summer nights. The Gospel. Volleyball. Spring. Christmas music. Hot showers. Exercise. The beach.

I could go on, but I would just bore you.

I have come to realize in my life that our glass is more than likely always going to be half empty if we let it. It doesn't have to be. There are always half full things around us, if we let there be.

Happy Thanksgiving. Eat Lots and Prosper!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Boosum Buddies

My good friend Tiffany just gave me a bunch of pictures of Malia and her little girl, Allie. Malia and Allie were born three days apart and they love each other soooo much. Malia will talk about Allie all the time and visa-versa. When ever they see each other they get so excited and always leave each other with a hug. Here they are. So Sweet.

A couple weeks old.
2 months (cute matching dresses and blankets.)

About 7 or 8 months old. Look how cute they are!

18 months old! Best Buds!

Monday, November 9, 2009

My Baby is Two!!

Who could forget those Chubs!

Malia Ann is 2!!! I can't believe that she is 2!!! I remember as if it were yesterday bringing her home. The day Malia was born was a crazy one. It was the longest day of my life. We arrived at the hospital at 5:30 am. Malia was posterior and for the past 3 weeks I had had excruciation back pain. I was going to have my water broken, but the hospital and my mid-wife had huge communications errors and I didn't actually start into labor until after 12pm. Malia finally arrived at 4:20pm. Her delivery was insanely painfully and I was pretty traumatized by the whole thing. I had Baily without pain med and, though it hurt a whole lot, I loved it and was so happy with how it turned out. Malia's birth was not so fun. Because she was posterior it was a lot harder.

I can still remember how swollen her little face was and she even had some broken blood vessels on her face and her eyes. It was so sad.

Malia captured all of our hearts from day 1. I don't know of another baby who receives more kisses and loves than her. Her older brother and sisters are so good to her. She has always been a daddies girl and on more occasions that I would like to admit would rather be with him than me!

Here are a few things that we love about Malia, and maybe a few things that are tell-tale signs of a 2 year old that we could do without:

-She loves to sing. She will sing songs all day long. Mostly when she is playing with something or in the bath tub.

-Before she goes to sleep she will go around telling everyone goodnight and giving kisses.

-We like to play the "Maggie Simpson" game with her...we will all sit on the couch and she will stand several feet away by the TV, and we will all say at the same time, "Come to the one you love best!" and she will run to the lucky person. The kids have stooped to bribing her with candy and what-not to be the winners. We have played this game for hours on some occasions.
-She will shout of the top of her lungs for "Baily" to "Stop IT!".

-She knows how to spell her name thanks to the Leap Frog "My Pal Scout" that she got for her birthday. It is the coolest toy ever. You can program the child's name into the dog and it will sings songs about them, say and spell their is so cool!

-She is often found running around without a diaper. She loves the fresh air, I guess.

-She always has a bump or scrape on her face (show me a 2 year old who doesn't)
-Her daddy has nicknamed her "Fluffy" for obvious reasons. It is one of those nicknames that will not be able to continue for too long. She might have serious self-esteem issues if James is calling her that as she is walking out the door for her first date.

-When we hear the cat screeching in pain, we know where to find Malia.
What would we do without her??? Happy Birthday Fluffy!

Please Pretend that Halloween Was Yesterday

Humor me...pretend that I am on the ball and that I woke up early the day after Halloween to post pictures of my babies...

Here they are. I wasn't able to get all the photos that I wanted 'cause my sister has some on her camera and our new phone is being a jerk and wont let me download them. rude. I will add them when I can.

Kylee was a beat up soccer player, Ty was a skeleton pirate, Baily was Tinker belle here, and a kitty on Halloween night, and Malia was a soccer ball. Malia's costume was a hit and we got a lot of comments on it. She kept tripping in it as she would go up stairs (bad things happen when you can't see your me, I've been pregnant 4 times =) Cousin Troy was with us and he is the storm trooper. Good times.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Lifting Burdens

Check out this great new video from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is so great.
Lifting Burdens

I am also starting a new blog about the wonderful Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that I belong to.

I was reading in the October Ensign and they were giving some great tips on starting a LDS blog. I am doing it to relight my own testimony and to maybe create a place were people will feel comfortable talking about and learning about the church. Please feel free to visit it, leave comments and post your own testimonies. Click here to see it.

The Swine Flu and YOU!

Please tell me what is up with the swine flu. The president declaring it a national epidemic?? Is it safe to go anywhere. Will we all die???

I am a pretty laid back mom and I generally only take my kids to the Dr if they are really sick or if I know they have an infection that wont clear on it's own.

I do not give my kids flu shots and refuse to give them a swine flu vaccination. I am just wondering if all of you know more than I do (which, believe me, is EASY to do). Fill me in. If your family has had it or if you know someone who has...let me know. Just curious. Thanks.

Pumpkin Patchin' It

My goof-balls pickin' pumpkins. I just had to add the photo of Malia standing on the pumpkin. All she saw were big orange stepping stools.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Malia Singing a Song

Malia has an amazing talent at picking up songs really fast. If she hears someone singing a song she can repeat it word for word really quick. Here she is singing a Hannah Montana song that her and Kylee love.

The older and wiser I get...

...the more I realize I don't know anything. I will be 30 in 2 months. I have always been excited to turn 30 and I actually appreciate and welcome each birthday. I wouldn't go back to being 20 for a million bucks (okay, maybe a million). But, I have come to terms that I just don't know squat. is what I do know:

-There will never be a morning that I like.
-I will come in contact daily with poop or pee or vomit.
-I will always have snot or slobber on my shirt.
-I will always do, at least once day, something I tell my kids not to do because it isn't polite, constructive or appropriate.
-I will always walk over piles of laundry to go out to the garage.
-I will always pretend I had no idea how many calories are in a bowl of ice cream.
-I know how to do 3 girls hair everyday.
-I know how to make dinner, do homework, keep a toddler entertained and keep the living room picked up all at the same time.
-I know how to read Hop on Pop, and all the other Dr. Sues books in funny voices.
-I know that I never do enough for my friends.
-I know that I will always go to sleep with a list of things I didn't do and must do tomorrow.

Most importantly I do know that I will always be called "Mother" and "Wife" and "Friend". With all of these great responsibilities comes a whole to do each day, but I wouldn't choose to do anything different. Just look at the above list. I wouldn't know anything if It wasn't for my family and people that I care about!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The sight I adore on a basketball floor, is a volleyball net from door to door!

Arrggg. Just let me whine for a minute. I am on a city volleyball league and I LIVE for these games. Every Wednesday it is all I can think about. I am like a kid at Christmas each time. I get literal butterflies in my stomach from the anticipation. (come on, say it. Dork.) I love everything there is about volleyball and it is the one place in my life that I get really aggressive, sometimes mean (no way) and very, very competitive. You just don't mess with my volleyball.

Well tonight I drove all the way to Layton (really only 30 minutes away) at 9:30 at night (way past my bed time) and get warmed up with my team (I am the oldest one them I am an old lady with a million kids) JUST to find out that the other team had to forfeit. I was so mad. "Why?" You might ask, "were you's just a game." Well. I just am. I just want to hit something round and white really hard and I didn't get to tonight. Wahhh.

Okay...pity party over.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"How Much Trouble?" You Ask,

How much trouble can one little 2 year old (almost) get into with a few minutes of not being supervised? Plenty.

I was in the bathroom with Baily, and we were washing her hands to get all the paint off. Baily had just painted a 4 year old masterpiece. While my sweet little innocent 2 year old was sitting quietly (quietly should have been my first clue) in her booster chair using her water colors.

Malia then comes to the bathroom to show us her new makeover using Baily's left over paint brushes. She was so proud of herself. I think it actually looks quite professional. She may have a make-up artist career ahead of her.

She went straight for the eyes, because amazingly she only had a little bit of paint (craft paint, not washable paint...will I ever learn???) on her sleeve.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Ogden Nature Center

One of the fun things that we have been doing through the summer until now is going to volunteer at the Ogden Nature Center. We get to feed, and take care of some of the animals that are there. It is something that the kids love and makes them feel pretty cool. We use to go every week, but now that school started we just go every other Wednesday.
All of the animals there are in cages and have been injured somehow. The kids get to feed snakes, tarantula, owls, lizards, toads, a pelican and tortoises. Tyler's favorites are the snakes and the tarantula's. He loves to dangle a dead mouse in front of the snake until the snake strikes and bites it. He did not get that from me! I am in the corner of the room breaking out in cold sweats just watching him feed the snakes. Yuck!
He also loves the tarantulas. Here he is holding it today. They are actually very gentle creatures. Don't you love his face. (SIDE NOTE-The other set of hands you see is a trained professional. I promise I don't go around encouraging my kids to hold tarantulas!!!).
I have learned a lot about these animals and have faced some fears (snakes) doing it, so it has been good all around. Kylee's favorite thing is feeding the birds. She puts dead mice on their perch and also changes their newspaper and gives them fresh water.

Here's Malia peaking at the tortoise.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Just Because...They're Cute!

Here are some new pictures of my lovely little monkeys.

Tyler is teaching Malia how to play Mario Kart Wii. (ignore the green underlines on the word teaching...don't know what I did...don't know how to change it.)

Baily Ruth (4 1/2) It has been so fun to hang out with Baily more now that the kids are at school all day. We have a lot of fun.
We gave away one of our kittens, and as we expected Kylee had a very hard time. Her and Baily cried for hours. This picture is of Kylee right before we had to part with the cat. It took all of her will to smile. This cat, Cocoa was all of our favorites. He was a sweetheart. Kylee asked me tonight if her heart will ever heal! She is an animal lover to the core and gets very attached to our pets. You may think I am just a big sucker having all these animals (which I am) But she really does love animals and they add such a special dimension to her life.

I decided to get my hair chopped. I am just not a long haired kinda girl. I told the girl to cut it short enough that I could no longer put it into a ponytail. I love it and I feel like myself again.

Malia is a gum thief. She got into my purse the other day and ate a whole piece. Here she is getting caught. Does she look guilty or innocent?

I had a bad head ache on Sunday and so Kylee and Baily spoiled me. They massaged my feet and legs, and my sweet Kylee even cut two slices of cucumbers to put on my eyes. It was so cute, and I loved it. What sweet kids I have. The cucumbers were really should try it.

Tyler playing a game after church.

Malia Ann. She will be 2 next month!!! What???!
My girls. Kylee is always throwing peace signs. My little gangster=)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Day of FALL

Fall is my favorite season and I am so glad it is here. Here are the reasons that I love Fall:

-I get to decorate my house if beautiful oranges, greens and reds!

-The weather is not too hot and not too cold

-I get to burn my yummy pumpkin spice candle


-Malia turns 2

-Beautiful Fall leaves

-Green grass

I love this season and can't wait to get more of it. Go outside and enjoy FALL!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A New Baby and More of Baily's Infected Eye

Hip hip hooray! I have a new nephew! He is the cutest little guy ever! Tami was able to start into labor on her own (3 hours before she was scheduled to be induced) and she had Spencer Jay Higbee at 1 am on Wednesday morning( 9-9-09). She labored so well and we were all so impressed with how she tolerated the pain. I am so proud of my baby sis.

Spencer was 8 lbs. 1 oz. (pretty good for 12 days over due) and has the most adorable blond hair. It was such a privilege to be able to see him come into this world. I can't wait to get to know him!
Baily woke up Tuesday morning with her eye looking like this.
It was 10 times worse. I took her back to the doctor and they diagnosed her with orbital cellulitious, an infection that gets into the tissue around the eye. There is risk of it getting into the optical nerve or even into the brain. But heaven was looking down on us because it could have been a lot worse and she didn't have the usual pain and fevers with it.

The doctor gave us a stronger antibiotic...when I say strong I mean an $80 antibiotic...all I have to say is that better do some serious bacteria killing! Her eye looks sooooo much better, and she is going to be just fine. Thank goodness for prayer and medicine!