Wednesday, November 25, 2009

my thanks

There is a beautiful excitement and peace that comes with this time of year. We all feel it. Something changes in the air. Something changes in people. I feel it more today than anytime before. I feel a peace and a hope that hasn't been there for very much of this year.

If I was looking at this last year as a glass half empty, I would whine and tell you about all of the hardships. The trial after trial that have come, one right after the other with no breathing room. But if I was to look at it as a glass half full, this is what I would tell you. These are my thanks...

James. How grateful I am for my husband. I did not know that men like him existed. He is so good, and patient, kind, helpful, forgiving, understanding, intelligent, funny, humble and strong. He honors his priesthood and honors his role as husband. To that, I am grateful.

My kids. When I was a girl I filled my days playing with dolls and imagined being a mother. My own mother instilled in me a reverence and an appreciation for the importance of being a mother. But even that would not have prepared me for how much I would love being a mother. Is it painfully hard at times, YES. But the joy that I feel when I look into their little faces far out way the bad times. I am thankful to be a mom.

I am grateful for my health. I am grateful for sleep =) I am grateful for my family and for James' family. I am grateful for friends. Good food. My home. The mountain. Summer nights. The Gospel. Volleyball. Spring. Christmas music. Hot showers. Exercise. The beach.

I could go on, but I would just bore you.

I have come to realize in my life that our glass is more than likely always going to be half empty if we let it. It doesn't have to be. There are always half full things around us, if we let there be.

Happy Thanksgiving. Eat Lots and Prosper!

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Rae Lynne said...

Very well said, and what a great reminder. I am so grateful for you! Love ya.