Monday, November 9, 2009

Please Pretend that Halloween Was Yesterday

Humor me...pretend that I am on the ball and that I woke up early the day after Halloween to post pictures of my babies...

Here they are. I wasn't able to get all the photos that I wanted 'cause my sister has some on her camera and our new phone is being a jerk and wont let me download them. rude. I will add them when I can.

Kylee was a beat up soccer player, Ty was a skeleton pirate, Baily was Tinker belle here, and a kitty on Halloween night, and Malia was a soccer ball. Malia's costume was a hit and we got a lot of comments on it. She kept tripping in it as she would go up stairs (bad things happen when you can't see your me, I've been pregnant 4 times =) Cousin Troy was with us and he is the storm trooper. Good times.

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