Saturday, November 28, 2009

Turkey Day Fun

We had a great thanksgiving. We spent the day at my dad's parents house. It was a small gathering (compared to how many people there are in the family). It was my parents, all my siblings and their families and my Uncle and his family. We had a wonderful day. I didn't get as many pics as I wanted, but here are a few...

My sister Tami with her baby, Spencer. Isn't he wonderful?!! He is almost as chubby as Malia was. Almost. My mom and Kylee

We headed over to the park after eating. The kids had a great time. Malia spent the whole time going up and down the slide. She would sit down at the top of the slide and fold her hands like this and slide down, it was cute. Kylee wore flip flops to the park...yes...flip flops and was playing basketball and skinned a huge chunk of her toe off. It was not a pretty sight. Then, my brother, Troy (who is a bigger sucker than I am) told the kids that they could have $5 for every time they stole the ball away from him in their basket ball game. Tyler walked away with $20 in his pocket and Kylee with $5. Good times!

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