Monday, December 14, 2009

Good Food, Good Times and Best Buds!!!

I had the best weekend! It all started with my best friend Tracy coming into town from my home town Sacramento, CA on Thursday. She was able to hang out during the day on Friday and see a crazy day-in-the-life of me...surprisingly enough she still wants to have kids of her own after being here!!!

Then we met up with my other 2 best buds Kari and Melanie (we have all been friends since we were 9 and 10!) at a fabulous hotel in SLC. We ate yummy food, listen to music from back in the day, looked through old album's and said stuff like "How did our mothers let us out of the house in that! What is my hair doing in that picture! Why didn't someone tell me that guy I dated was a looser!"
We stayed up way too late, ate too much junk and had the time of our lives. I love these girls and love how well they know me. It was hard to leave them and I just want you girls to know how much I love you and how grateful I am for you!!!


Kari said...

Yup. I'm pretty grateful to have you too!

tracy said...