Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tyler Turns 7!!

Tyler is 7 now! His birthday was on the 3rd. We celebrated on his birthday by getting our new car, and then going to the fun zone (Tyler's heaven on earth). He had his first friend party on Saturday. It was pretty crazy fun. I learned my lesson on not inviting so many boys.
Tyler is so special to our family. He is the survivor of three sisters, that in itself is a big accomplishment. There would be a huge hole in all of our lives without our Ty. Here are a few of the things that make Tyler unique:

-He gets 100 % on almost all his spelling tests-
-He loves to play sports and is really good at soccer and basketball-
-He is very obedient and almost never questions "why" when he is told to do something-

-He talks baby talk to Malia, and always makes sure she has what she needs (even when she may not deserve it)-
-He can play by himself for hours, just in his imagination-
-He is a very grateful boy. Ever since he was old enough to talk he remembers his pleases and thank yous-
We love you Tyler! Happy Birthday! (ps. there may have been another birthday around here, a certain old lady turned 30...but we are not mentioning who....shhhh.....)
Here are James and Kylee as the pirates in charge of the treasure hunt at the party. Pretty cute, huh!


Nate and Tami said...

Happy Birthday Ty!! What a cute baby picture and what a handsome boy you are now!
p.s. Tausha,did you really do this post at 6:00am?!!

Rae Lynne said...

Tyler and T are just getting too big, too fast! Tyler is very special to us and one more thing that makes him unique is that he is T's best friend. We sure do love that boy!

Kari said...

Happy Birthday Tyler!!! Love you little man.