Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The sight I adore on a basketball floor, is a volleyball net from door to door!

Arrggg. Just let me whine for a minute. I am on a city volleyball league and I LIVE for these games. Every Wednesday it is all I can think about. I am like a kid at Christmas each time. I get literal butterflies in my stomach from the anticipation. (come on, say it. Dork.) I love everything there is about volleyball and it is the one place in my life that I get really aggressive, sometimes mean (no way) and very, very competitive. You just don't mess with my volleyball.

Well tonight I drove all the way to Layton (really only 30 minutes away) at 9:30 at night (way past my bed time) and get warmed up with my team (I am the oldest one them I am an old lady with a million kids) JUST to find out that the other team had to forfeit. I was so mad. "Why?" You might ask, "were you's just a game." Well. I just am. I just want to hit something round and white really hard and I didn't get to tonight. Wahhh.

Okay...pity party over.

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Rae Lynne said...

Well that's just plain stinky!