Friday, June 12, 2009

WARNING: This is a bragging post

I just have to tell you how much I love my kids!

Kylee- We are enjoying reading chapter books together at night and she is a second mom to the kids. She is always making sure they have what they need and lets me know when they are doing things they shouldn't. Tyler would label this as a tattle-tale... She has a brilliant sense of humor and we are always trying to scare each other or play jokes on each other.

Tyler- If I ask Tyler to do something, he does it. He is always the first to get his jammies on, get buckled, etc. No complaints. He lives in his imagination 80% of the time and keeps himself very entertained.

Baily- She thinks that she can replace "please" with compliments. For example: "Mommy, get me a cup of milk your hair is so pretty." She is a very loving girl and smothers me with hugs and kisses.

Malia- Her vocabulary has exploded. Her favorite things to say are "NO Baily!" "Mommy juice." "Nigh-night Daddy" She says Bye-bye and hello to inanimate objects, like the flower picture at the doctor office today, "Bye bye flowers." She says all sorts of words and keeps us laughing.

Okay. I am done bragging. What can I say I have good kids.


Rae Lynne said...

This post was SO cute!!! Your kids are great and I love hearing about all the big, little, wonderful and amusing things that you share about them.

Anonymous said...

BRAG ON! :P your kiddos are CUTE, so you can :P i love that you tell all about them, i think that's so sweet :) love it :)

Kevin and Celeste Christiansen said...

You do have an adorable family. My number 3 (a boy) comes the end of July. I can't wait.