Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Family Fun and Cute Pics

Summer vacation has begun!

When I haven't felt like sleeping or puking...or sleeping...we have been having some fun!
We had a fun weekend with James' family at the Hansen reunion in Manti, Utah. We had a great time, and enjoyed spending time with everyone. Here are some pics from that weekend.

This is the "cabin" aka: mansion/lodge we stayed in. It is James' Aunt and Uncles cabin. Equipped with 9 bedrooms and every other thing you could imagine. It was in a beautiful location and we hardly noticed that it rained the whole weekend cause we were having so much fun.

Hot tubbing it

This is Malia's new funny face. Just try not to laugh...

Playing in the shower while Mom does her hair!

After our fun weekend we stopped by my sister Tami's house and had a picnic lunch. She is a great aspiring photographer and snapped these great shots.
Kylee and my nephew, Spencer.

Just an update on our little man still growing inside of me...HE IS GROWING! I get a comment or two DAILY on how big I am. I really have gotten huge. I feel like I should be delivering tomorrow, not 3 months from now! I just don't know where I am going to fit the rest of this growing boy! He is very healthy though and we are so excited to have him join our family.


Rae Lynne said...

Great pictures! I loved them all! Sounds like you guys had a fun time too. Zacky and I laughed at Malia's face, and every time he saw a cousin he said "there's 'lia, there's Kylee" and so on. He knows his buddies :)

Charlotte said...

I love summer. Sounds like you started it with a lot of fun. The cabin looks great.