Monday, June 10, 2013


I love summer! I live for summer break! The only thing that gets me through each school day is knowing that summer is coming.

Yes-it gets loud and crazy here, and it seems like at any given time there are at least 4 extra kids...But the good FAR outweigh the bad!

I love SLEEPING in, and not having to rush off to be anywhere. I love the we can sit out on a blanket in the shade of out big maple tree and read books or have picnics. I love that we can pick up and go at anytime to Pineview Reservoir or the local swimming pool. I love early morning hikes and refreshing slurpees! I love the late sunsets and lots of movies in the yard.

It's just all so wonderful and in someway I feel like this is what heaven will be like; warm, peaceful, ample time to enjoy each other's company, melty ice cream cones and drippy popcycles...flip flops and the refreshing feeling of freedom!

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