Monday, August 31, 2009

The Good Lord Always Delivers

I have been thinking about this a lot lately because my sweet sister Tami is three days past her due date and has a commendable amount of patience. For those of you who have had a baby, you know how unbearably long those last days get when you are waiting and it seems that each day the baby doesn't come is a disappointment. I have been so anxious for my new nephew and have even had some sleepless nights in anticipation. I am sleeping with the phone right next to me and ready at a moments notice to head on down to Springville.
It has got me thinking about my own life, and how when I am in the midst of a trail it feels like time slows and that life will be miserable forever. I have often marveled at Heavenly Fathers plan for us and his process of refining us and making us stronger, more patient and humble.
But, the good news is, and we all know this...He always delivers us. He always allows those good days, His beautiful sunsets and the laughter of our children. He always provides a way for us to give birth to our baby and finally hold him for the first time.
The sun always rises, and brings with it new light.
A tall mountain may seem impossible to climb, but the view from the top immediately washes away the pain it took to get there.


Anna and Justin said...

I totally needed to hear that. thank you. i couldn't have said it better. I hope all goes well with your sister.

Charlotte said...

It is always so hard to remember that when time seems to have stopped in the middle of misery. Thanks for the reminder.

David said...

I like this :)