Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Birthday, Easter and Cute Pics!!

No way. i just can't believe that my baby is 9. It isn't possible!

We had a wonderful day with Kylee. She has always wanted to go to a hotel for her birthday so we packed up the family after school on Wednesday and headed to a hotel in Layton. We swam, ate way too much junk food, stayed up way too late, jumped a few too many times on the hotel beds and had a great time.
The swimming pool was heavily, heavily chlorinated and when we got done swimming that night all of the kids, except Malia, were screaming in pain from burning eyes! It was so sad =( Because the rest of us where fine we just assumed that it was the hot tub that was causing their eyes to burn (because the three older kids where the only ones to get in the hot tub) and so we went swimming again in the morning and no one was allowed in the hot tub, but again, when we got out and went back to our room, every one's eyes were stinging. It was horrible. I called and complained to the hotel because Kylee even had some burns on her legs from the chlorine. Horrible! They had to sit with cold wash clothes on the eyes. =(

Baily had it the worst.

But- We had a blast and Kylee said it was her best birthday ever!

Here are some things we love about Kylee:

-She makes everyone around her SMILE!!

-More than one of her school teachers have told us what a good leader Kylee is. She stands up for others and is a good example and her class mates are naturally drawn to her.

-She hates most meat.

-She does her own hair every morning and is getting really good at it.
-She gets Malia out of her crib almost every day. Sometimes Malia would rather be with Kylee than me =(

-She has a wonderful, quick-witted sense of humor.

-She can sometimes be very swift to over react and pull quite the drama-queen scene.

-She loves playing soccer, dancing and listening to music.

I adore this little girl and am so blessed to be her mother! Happy Birthday Kylee, we LOVE you!


We had a great Easter! We loved watching conference, and actually got to HEAR some of conference this year! Our kids were abnormally good and sat through MOST of both Saturday and Sunday's sessions.

Here are some pics of the kids in their Easter clothes. I finished sewing Malia's dress about an hour before our Easter dinner with family =)

My sis Tami took some cute pics of the kids at the annual Easter Egg hunt at my Grandparents house in Ogden. She did an awesome job!

By the way...I see a light at the end of the tunnel with my morning sickness. I have more good days than bad, and even though the bad days are still yucky, I do feel some of my energy coming back. I may Survive. Cross your fingers! So, sorry to all of my friends and family who I have neglected these past 3 months



The Laters said...

Oh my goodness, your kids are so cute! They are getting so big since the last time I saw them! We definitely have to get together more often! Good job on the dresses by the way, you talented mama. Oh and congrats on the new bebes!

Connie Robinson said...

Your kids are just adorable. You are such a fantastic mother. Your kids are great! Hope you start feeling better.

Anonymous said...

What a fun idea for a birthday! (Minus the chlorine burns of course :P) Sure glad she had fun :) Next item... I'm jealous that you can sew :P You did a great job on those dresses! :) Way to go! And last but not least, I'm so glad you are feeling a little better :) I know that is hard, hang in there girl, you'll make it :)

Anonymous said...

Oh man, thats horrible, couldnt understand that this should be a working, positive familiy. In all your pictures I see a tragic, sad state in your life. I hope you dont know this and be so "happy" as before! But dont kill us with your terrifing mask of truth....