Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Baily's 5th Birthday

Geez...I'm getting old. My little Baily is 5! Baily came into this world April 26th, 2005. She has a smile that will make any ones day and a laugh that is so contagious. Out of all my kids she is the "mama's girl" and is by my side 24/7. Recently, when I am resting on the couch, she will come up and lay right by me and stick her arm under my neck and just lay with me.

Here are some things we love about our 5 year old:

-She says "I love you" to everyone, all the time.

-She is a natural "girl". She loves all things pink and knows how to bat those eyelashes to get what she wants (yikes...)

-She loves being outside.

-She says the sweetest prayers and always thinks of everyone in her prayers. Some examples: "Help Kylee and Tyler to stay in their beds" (at night), "Help Malia to learn everything." "Help Daddy to not fall asleep at work."

-She loves to help me cook. Aunt RaeLynne gave her a pink spatula, measuring cups and an apron for her b-day last year and she uses them daily.

-Her nicknames are Bella Blue (Malia and I call her this and it's so cute to hear Malia wondering the house shouting "Bella Blue!!?"), Belly (Tyler called her this when she was born because he couldn't pronounce Baily), Puffy (Daddy called her this when she had a bad eye infection and her eye swelled just stuck...)

Baily loves getting attention from her older brother and sister and will try to get it by any means necessary....which also makes for time well spent in the time-out chair =) She loves affection and is constantly seeking hugs, kisses and tickles.

She is looking forward to going to Kindergarten in the Fall and when I teased her about her not being able to go to school cause I would miss her too much she said, "Mom, but I have to go, cause I have to get really smart!"

What a joy and a blessing our Baily is. We love you!!!

We had a joint Family party on Sunday for her and her cousin Troy Jr., whose birthday is on the 21st.
Here she is on her actually birthday. We had those of James' family who could make it over for pizza, cake and ice cream.
The Saturday before her birthday she went to lick some cheese off of the stove top and drug her finger across a hot burner! OWW! She cried for the rest of the day and was in a lot of pain. There is a huge blister on her finger now. Poor girl.
Here she is opening her presents. Notice the blister on her finger.

New Bike!


Tami said...

Happy Birthday Baily! When you were born I was on my mission. I remember checking my e-mail on my p-day and getting the e-mail from your mom that you were finally here! I was so excited and I showed your sweet pictuer to all the missionaries that were there with me at the internet center. I was so happy to meet you when I got home from my mission! I love you Baily. Hope your finger is feeling better! xoxo

Dana said...

Happy birthday Baily! I hope she had a wonderful day :)

What was done said...
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Rae Lynne said...

Baily is such a sweet girl with so much personality, we just love her!