Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Man

My man is 32 years young today!!!

There is no way I could do James justice in this post. For those of you who know James you know what a great guy he is. He is a wonderful father and from the first moment Kylee was put into his arms he took to being a dad so well. He has amazed me at how much he teaches, loves and serves our kids.

He is a better husband than I deserve, that is for dang sure! He helps me be a better person and loves, pampers and takes care of me effortlessly. He is patient, kind, and giving. He makes me laugh daily (most times unintentionally...). He is the best partner a girl could ask for.
Here he is (2nd from left) with two of his brothers and two friends. He ran the 7 mile leg of the Ogden marathon relay race. He did great!
Happy Birthday James, we love you!

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Tami said...

I have to agree, he is quite the man! Happy birthday James. Thanks for being so good to my sister!