Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Family Pictures

Another year has somehow passed! How did that happen? As I reflect on 2011 I have mixed emotions. This year has been hard! But, it has also been wonderful! We have had a lot of illness, sleepless nights and trying to figure out what the heck we are doing in life. But, we have grown so much and have had so many good times too.

The kids are loving school. And I do mean LOVING. The Montessori Charter school that they go to is amazing. It blows the education they were receiving at public school out of the water. All three of the older kids are learning and growing so much. Malia and Dalin keep themselves entertained so well as the only ones home most days.

I am very enthusiastic and hopeful for 2012. I am so grateful for the hard times that we had this year because they helped us, as a family grow and learn so much. We are better at somethings and also have a clearer picture of what we need to improve upon.

Here are some of our recent family pictures =) Warning: There's a lot, and they are in no particular order!


Connie Robinson said...

So cute! I haven't looked at blogs for months now. I feel like I've missed out! I especially love the one with you and your girls!

Erin Stones said...

I love your family pictures!