Monday, September 8, 2008


This race was much funner than the half marathon. It was a Sprint Triathlon! I started off swimming for 400 meters (8 laps), biking for 9 miles, and running for 3 miles. It was fun! It wasn't as hard as my half Marathon but it was still tough. The hardest part was transitioning from the bike to running. My legs where so numb and it took me about half a mile before I could feel them again and feel like I wasn't going to fall on my face.

It was funny because they had to write our numbers on our calf and upper arm with a fat magic markers . My kids thought that was great!

Here are some silly pics of me after the race! I am definitely going to do this race again. Who wants to do it with me!!!!

Here are my two buds that I did the race with!


Ruth said...

Wow!! You are amazing. I wish I could do it. I can't swim so well though so I probably would drown. Glad you had so much fun though.

Connie Robinson said...

I have always wanted to do one, I always settle for 10Ks and 5Ks cause I can't swim. Maybe one day I will learn how to swim. Sounds like it was fun!

Kari said...

uh...... me!

Rae Lynne and Troy said...

Way to go girl!!! Did I ever tell you your my hero.... LOL! Really though, I am in awe :)