Monday, September 8, 2008

My Baby Boy is a Kindergartener (sniff sniff)

Here is my cute boy! He was so excited on his first day of school! He told me once the night before that he was kinda scared of the bullies that would be at school. I thought that was sweet. It was really hard to leave him that morning in his new classroom. He is such a big boy and LOVES new adventures so I know he will do great. Good thing it is only half day kindergarten!
Here he is in his class room! Look at that happy face!

Once I said good bye to him he started to get nervous. I took this picture from out in the hall way. When Tyler gets nervous he plays with this chin...and look at those wide open eyes. He was just so brave!

Here's my silly monkey's!


Rae Lynne and Troy said...

LOL!!! That las pic is SO FUNNY! They are total hams. I just love those kids. KINDERGARTEN! Our boys are so big. I doubt we'll ever get over it.

Nate and Tami said...

Tyler is a little stud!