Monday, January 5, 2009

Quick Updates on the Hansens

I thought I would do quick run down on the life of the Hansen's in case any one cared...

Malia (13 months)- Let me just say that teeth is one of the hardest things EVER!!! I hate teething time and our little Malia sure hates it too. She is walking like a pro, and into everything. Her favorite thing to do is climb up on Tyler's bench and just hang out. If Malia is missing that is usually where she is. She is talking more and more and is starting to repeat things we say. She makes us laugh and I love spending time with her.
Baily (3 1/2)- Baily just learned how to write her own name, and writes it any chance she can get. She is in a dance class and eats that up! She is mellowing out as she gets older and doesn't throw quick as many fits. 4 is my favorite age, and as she gets closer to 4 she is so fun. She loves dressing up and reading her books.
Tyler (6)- Our kindergartner! He is loving school and catching on well with what he is learning. He is doing well at reading. If Tyler's tummy is nice and full he is a happy camper. He has an endless amount of energy and his imagination is amazing. He can create the most amazing things with blocks, Lego's or just drawing.
Kylee (7 1/2)- Kylee is in 2nd grade and doing very well. I will always be amazed at how smart she is. She is so kind to her brother and sisters. Almost every morning when Malia wakes up she will bring her to me. Sometimes she will even tell me to go back to bed and take Malia to get some breakfast! I know! I am spoiled, huh? Besides some high drama meltdowns here and there, she is so fun to be with and I tell her everyday how lucky I am to be her Mom.
James- Besides trying to recover from hurting his ankle for the second time he is doing great. He was just healing from a soccer injury that he suffered in the summer when he did something else to it (he won't let me tell anyone what embarrassing...something with his scooter...) He was on his second day of training to run the half marathon when it happened. Poor guy. He continues to be an amazing husband and father. He has one of the most positive, easy going attitudes that I have ever seen. I have yet to find his equal. He is still working at the IRS in the evenings. He was recently promoted and enjoys this job better.

Me- I am still babysitting for 4 other kids. It gets challenging sometimes but I am doing okay with it. It is okay because they are hardly ever there at the same times. If I stay organized and keep up the house work I do okay. All 4 of the kids are very easy and fun to have around. I am beginning another writing course and hope to be able to have a few of my stories published when I am done. I love being a Mom and couldn't imagine anything harder or more rewarding.


Dana said...

so fun to see what your family is up to :) i loved tyler's pic, i loved that james was embarrassed by a "scooter accident" :P, i love that your girls are SO STINKIN' CUTE!...and i love that you are taking a writing course! i didn't know that! how cool tausha! you inspire me! :) such a fun post :) i loved it :) (if you couldn't tell.. :P haha)

David said...

no, no, no more updates!
hahaha, of course I love 'em.
I'm ever so glad you keep this blog. Don't think I would know much of anything about my nieces and nephew otherwise.

Nicolas, Natalie, and Avery... said...

Thanks for the update! I'm afriad I'm not very consistent with keeping up with blogs, so it was nice to hear how everyone is doing in a quick rundown. You have such a beautiful family! I'm so glad everyone is doing well, overall. And way to go for babysitting four other children. That can get very busy, very fast! Good luck.