Friday, June 15, 2012

The Window to the Soul

Eyes. On any given day I am astonished at my children's eyes. Not just because I think they are so beautiful, but because in their eyes I see so much. Eyes tell us so much about a person, have you noticed? Look into the eyes of your children, your spouse, your friends. What do you see?

Here is what I see in my children's eyes:

Kylee is the only one in the family with brown eyes! I have always loved her brown eyes! In these eyes I see a love for life, like I have never seen before. I see an affection and allegiance to all of God's creatures, big or small. I see structure and fairness. I see acceptance and FUN! I see a girl who will give all of herself to anyone, but will carefully keep enough for herself. Kylee's eyes help me stay focused and give me the ability to handle and accept life.

Tyler's eyes are one of  the first things I fell in love with when he joined our family. His eyes erupt with wisdom and knowledge. When I first looked into his eyes I knew that I was holding in my arms someone great, with endless potential. In his deep blue eyes I see curiosity and accomplishment. I see brightness and sensitivity. Just looking into Tyler's eyes will assure you that the world if full of things to be constantly explored. In his eyes I see wonder, action and love.

Baily's green eyes are full of sunshine and brilliance. It doesn't matter if Baily is sick or sad, her eyes always have a sparkle and a light. In her eyes I see possibilities, new ideas and hope. Her eyes remind me that life is to be enjoyed. In her eyes is love and a love for life. Baily's eyes hold a place for forgiveness, ability and a acceptance.

Malia...of all of my kids, Malia reminds me the most of myself. When I look into her green eyes I often feel like I am looking in a mirror. It is really fun to look into her sensitive eyes and imagine that I am looking at myself. Malia's eyes are still, and peaceful. Her eyes are illuminated with a sense of simple, pure balance. When I look into her eyes I see a gentle nature, but an intense ability to discern what is good, fair and right. I see comfort and the ability to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

My little Dalin.  It only took me about 21,000 tries to get this picture of his eyes!!! His eyes scream Wiggle worm!!! Dalin has taught me more about life in his 22 months than I could have learned in a lifetime. His pale blue eyes are soft and gentle. His eyes show his need for comfort and peace. In his eyes I see an unyielding sense of awareness, confidence and affection. Dalin has the ability to take in all that he sees and thoroughly assess if it is safe! fun! and worth-while! His eyes are what keeps me going, keeps me strong and patient.


Tami said...

What a great post! Love those kids of yours!

Rae Lynne said...

Oh my, that was beautiful. Truly beautiful. This is such a loving, eloquent, creative expression of adoration for your sweet babies. You inspire me :)