Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Mom, let's do goga"

After we took the kids to school the other day we got out of the van and Baily saw my yoga mats that where sitting in the garage. She said, "Mom, let's do goga." That is what she calls it! so cute!

James and I use to take a yoga class together and it is something that I really love to do. It was so fun to take time out of our busy lives and do some yoga. The thing that yoga helps me remember is to breath. Take time to just breath!

Baily just follows right along and does it with us. I just love this picture! Don't you love James' totally awesome pajama pants. I know your jealous!


Kari said...

of course I love them. wish I had some of my own... hehe

we do "eckercise" at our house. you should see the sit ups and push ups by our very own Chandler and Jordan.

Charlotte said...

That is fun. We make our kids do pushups as punishments. Does that count as exercise?