Thursday, November 13, 2008

A New Addition to Our Family

Some would say that I am a gluten for punishment. We know have 2 hamsters (one went the way of all the earth) :( and two cats.
I succumbed to a lady out in front of Walmart with a box full of free kittens and Kylee's pleas and kitty cat eyes, (aka: puppy dog eyes). I wish I would have taken a picture of her face when she picked up the cat out of the box. She promised me she wouldn't want anything every again (that's a classic line) if she could just "HOLD ONE!"

It was like an out of body experience because the next thing I knew we were driving home and Kylee had a kitten in her lap. I am a sucker, I know, but if only you could have seen her face :)

Autumn (the cat) is one of the most beautiful Siamese cats I have ever seen. She has the sharpest blue eyes and we all love her (even Dad...he says Autumn reminds him of a cat he had growing up.)
So, forget your local zoo, COME VISIT THE HANSEN'S!!!

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Kari said...

You'll just have to send me pictures of your home and the bed I would sleep on when I come visit!!!