Saturday, November 15, 2008

Our New Favorite TV Show

We have discovered a great new show on Discover Channel. Man vs. Wild! It is the best show ever! It is about a man named name Bear Grylls who strands himself in remote places and teaches you how to survive.

Baily calls it the "yucky show" because of all the bugs, snakes, spiders, zebras, camels, elephant dung (he squeezes the dung to get the fluid from it) etc. that he eats. We just sit there in front of the TV completely mesmerized.

It hilarious because when Bear eats something gross our jaws all drop and we watch as guts and whatever else comes squirting out of his mouth. Every now and then one of us will even dry-heave. It's great! You gotta check it out. It is so fascinating.


Charlotte said...

My kids love that show (and survivor man and dirty jobs). And Ryan wants to make sure I mention How it is Made. I think they watch TLC and Discovery channel more than Disney Channel. Ryan wants me to mention Science Channel, too. I think I will wait till comment till after Ryan goes to bed from now on.

David said...

makes you remember how basic life can and really should be...

the rest is all frivolous :)

Rae Lynne and Troy Later said...

Troy is a HUGE fan of this show and of course so is T. We watch it all the time it's great. It's funny though cuz Troy's the one who always dry heaves! Good times :)