Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Gotta Do It

So...have you ever received a strong prompting to do something and even though you knew it was a good thing to do, you couldn't see how it could possibly fit into your busy life??

This happened to me today. I received a very strong kick in the pants that I needed to start blogging again! It's not that I don't like blogging, I actually love it-but I have so much going on right now that  it seems like one more chore.

This prompting was also a puzzle piece to some pretty crazy feedback that I have received in the last week. I have 2 friends that have both told me the exact same thing about what my "body language" is saying. Both of these ladies are trained in how to read body language and in how to tell what someone is thinking or feeling by their body language. Sound nuts??

Well, I was told by these ladies, on 2 separate occasions (they don't even know each other-so there was no conspiring) that my body language (especially when I cross my arms over my stomach...which I thought I was doing to hide my belly fat...hehe) was communicating that I am trying to keep my light in! I am afraid to show people what is really inside of me.

If I was really honest I would tell you that if I was to show you all that I have learned over the last 2.5 years, all that I have healed from and all that I have done to grow and change...If I was to let that light shine and reveal all of the JOY, HAPPINESS and PEACE that I feel on a daily basis now, you would probably be blinded! But this isn't true! Because I don't have any dumb family or friends and I know that if you are reading this you long for JOY, HAPPINESS and PEACE as much as the next guy. right??

Ever since I can remember, I have always known that I was suppose to PLAY BIG in this life. I have been through some dark, sad times in my life (go to My Journey As a Mother page on this blog to learn more about that) and I have also always known that I went through those times so that I could help other people heal and come out on top. My nature (got to What Type Are You? page to learn more) is soft, and subtle and I move through life with a gentle flow and so I have also struggled with how to show all that is in me without seeming pushy, or too bold.

But a loving Heavenly Father, who has guided me every step of my life, has made it known to me that it is time to take that light I have been trying to hide and let it out! You ready??

I have almost deleted this post about 10 times because I am still scared to let it shine...but here I go!

**Don't forget to check out the last post for a good laugh =)


David said...

I wonder if people really feel it when we think about them. It makes me try to be careful even in my thoughts. A few times when Chris was still living with me, I'd have arguments in my head with him, and he'd act on it as if we had argued about it. I know I didn't argue out loud about these particular things because they weren't important enough to make a big fuss about. I also had a huge argument with one of my superiors in my head. I was so angry with this person's way of managing and belittling others. I never voiced out loud my concerns. He quit soon after and went somewhere else. So, yeah, I try to be much more careful with my thoughts.

Reading auras or body language, or sensing other people's thoughts is something I've been trying to practice. I definitely believe. I've had far too many proofs that it's possible. It doesn't always work for me. It seems I'm most effective when I'm absolutely humble, without expectation, without other strong emotions.

I'd say you ride yourself hard, which may or nay not be good, depending on the situation. Even when I've seen you mad or frustrated, you come across very calmly compared to so many others. You have a love that emanates strongly. Your children are extrenely lucky to grow up with such a mother. It shows in how they care for others.

Tausha Hansen said...

Thanks David!