Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Horrifically Awesome

Acrostic Poem. By Tyler (10 years old). In honor of Mother's Day

Talks  a lot
U R Cool
Always Fun

Here was the conversation after the poem was read;

"Thanks Ty! That was sweet of you. think I talk a lot?"

"Yeah. But that's a good thing."

"Oh, good. So...You think I'm horrific?"

"Yep!" Grinning from ear to ear.

Apparently he believes that horrific is a synonym for awesome...

My son thinks I am horrifically awesome. I'll take it.


Causing horror at the thought of how awesome your mom is.
horrible at being a bad mom - dreadfully gorgeous - frightfuly talented - terrible at ignoring her kids - grisly when she wakes up in the morning (this one is true)


Today was a bad day...nothing happened, really, just a hard day. I had NO motivation to do anything. I would start to clean and then have to stop because it was painfully boring and my heart just wasn't in it. I would sit down to get some work done and my mind would be blank and mushy. I felt tired, grumpy and my muscles felt like jello. Please tell me you know what I am talking about!

But-the thing I love most about today is that I know that it is just a bad day...not a bad life. I am just having a 24 hour period of low...and that the sun will rise again tomorrow and I will be okay.

This may seem simple but I am so happy about this because a couple of years ago I would have been beating myself up over it. I would wonder what was wrong with me and say things to myself like, "Why are you so lazy? You can't sit and read a book-the house will fall apart around you." I love how I have learned to be patient and kind to myself and allow my mind and body to rest and be at ease for a day.

How are you patient and kind to yourself?

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David said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I love how Tyler's mind works. I think it kind of goes to show how a slight difference in opinion or education or even just word change can cause us to think up our own radically different ideas when both sides aren't so different.

Maybe this sounds kind of kooky but there may be more to astrology than most people give it credit. It's pretty well-accepted that the moon affects women's menstrual cycle and that typical mood swing that goes along with it. It isn't too much more of a stretch to believe that all the planets and stars and galaxies also have an effect on all us to some degree or another. I don't have many friends on facebook, but I have noticed more claims of headaches and such when solar flares are active. (not just when the solar storm reaches earth but closer to the time when the flares are starting). My point in this: sometimes it's easier if there's something to blame for my lethargy or bad mood or temporary depression, I know it'll pass and be back to my more desirable happy, cheerful self.