Sunday, May 18, 2014

Snow Cones and Fire Pits

Our favorite little shaved ice place opened up yesterday for the summer! Northern Ice serves the 2nd best shaved ice snow cones (the first best is in St. George-soooooo delicious) If you have never had a shaved ice snow cone...well, I am sorry for you =( They are so good!

Last night at their opening they had a luau with all sorts of yummy food, unlimited shaved ice and a photo booth. So we enjoyed our snow cones, got sufficiently sticky and then headed over to the photo booth.

Then we came home and enjoyed James' early birthday present, a new fire pit. We had so much fun and I found myself on several occasions overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude for these awesome people I get to call my family. They make me better. They make me laugh. They make me happy.

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