Thursday, July 24, 2014

Why I Love Eeyore

My whole life I have simultaneously felt so sorry for eeyore and related to him. Remember when he would lose his tail? Then one of his friends would find it lying around and pin it back on his rear! Then he would always say, in that low, monotone voice, "No matter. Most likely lose it again."

Oh Eeyore!

My friend made an observation of the me the other day and said that I "wear my worries on my skin." I was really troubled by that comment and it took me a minute to process it. I didn't take offense, because she was simply making an observation, but it really got me thinking.

 I am a pessimist by nature. Always have been...sorry my friends but that glass, ya know the one with the water in's half empty. BUT I pride myself on the fact that I fight, each day to be happy, that I am careful of the way I speak and think and the things I fill my time with. I want others to see me as a happy, joyful person who tries hard to be a good mom, wife and friend.

Lately I have been feeling a bit more like Eeyore than normal..."No matter, I've already lost my mind and will most likely lose it tomorrow, too."

The single greatest challenge I experience is remembering to be patient with myself! To honor my nature and to see what I use to think where my greatest weaknesses as my greatest God-given strengths. Yup, I probably will lose my mind again tomorrow, but that's okay. I have piglets and tigers and Pooh's in my life to help me reattach it. They see me for who I am and love me despite all that. So I may wear my worries on my skin more than some people, but that is me.

My sweet Kylee was with me when my friend made this comment and she responded with wisdom beyond her years by saying, "That is who you are mom. You worry. Worry is what makes you you. You worry so much because you care so much, and that is why people are attracted to you and love you." Isn't she a peach!!

Which Winney the Pooh character are you? There's one for everyone!

James is Pooh! awwwwww

Kylee is Owl, of course!

 Tyler is Rabbit.

Baily is T-I-double G-ER!

Malia is Piglet to a "T".

Dalin is our Roo.

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