Monday, June 30, 2008

"Da Da"....No, say "Ma ma"

You would think since I pretty much keep this cute little chubby thing alive by the milk from my own body...that the least she could do is say my NAME! She has been saying "da da" for about two months now. I will say to her "Ma ma, say Ma ma." She will look at me with those blue eyes, smile and say "Da da!" I think she does it on purpose. James likes to rub it in too. The other morning I was trying to get her to say my name and she looks over at him and he smiles at her and she says, "Da da!" Some day...she will say my name!


Kari said...

Chandler called me DaDa for the longest time. Even when I had Jordan, he as 2 and he stilled called me DaDa. When he saw a picture of me and Oscar he was saying DaDa, and crying. Everyone thought it was sweet that he missed his daddy so much... but no, it was me!!! Nobody understood my explanation, but I knew he was talking about me!

Karen said...

Hey! I just found your blog on Ruth's blog. Derik did the exact same thing to me, but now I'm wishing he didn't say "Mommy" quite so often. He just started doing this thing where he'll say "Mommy" over and over until I look at him, then stop. He doesn't want anything, he just wants me to look at him! I'm glad I found your blog, I'd love to keep in touch and know what your family is up to!