Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I have to tell you the crazy thing that happened this morning! I woke up to Kylee at the side of my bed at 6am. She was crying and holding her eye. She said that she had fallen out of her bed and hit her eye. I was still very out of it and kinda patted her back and gave her a hug. She was still crying and saying that she hit her eye. I told her to get a pillow and blanket and she could sleep on our couch that is in our room. So she went and got that and was still crying. Finally, and I don't know if it was that I was just so tired and wasn't hearing her right but she said, "Mom! When I fell a pen got stuck in my EYE!"

"WHAT!!!" I yelled and jumped out of bed and turned the light on. There was a mark about half an inch or less below her eye. She said that after she fell out of bed and realized she was hurt she came into our room. She was half way down the hall before she realized that a pen was sticking out of her face and she yanked it out! Can you believe that!!!

I inspected the wound and just stretched the skin out a little to see how deep it was and that's when I started to feel sick. For those of you who don't know I have the weakest stomach you will ever meet. I made it to James' side of the bed and was able to wake him up, saying that I needed him and that was the last thing I remember. I woke up a couple seconds later with my face in the carpet!! Yup, I fainted. James didn't know what was going on and Kylee is looking on in horror at her Mom on the floor. I mustered enough strength to tell James to check out Kylee's eye. I felt sooooo ridiculous. Here I am lying on the floor and I can't even take care of my poor Kylee. I sure wish I was stronger when it came to gross things like that. It wasn't even that big of a wound! I am a big dork.

Luckily Kylee's eye is fine. She might have some bruising, but she sure did get lucky. We realized later that she had landed on her art box that had a bunch on pens and pencils sticking out of it.

I will add this one warning- TRUST THOSE GUT FEELINGS, OR THE SPIRIT-AWLAYS-Because earlier that night I went to check on the kids and Kylee was on the edge of her bed. My gut told me to scoot her over but I didn't, thinking she would be fine. Arrgggg! ALWAYS DO WHAT THE SPIRIT TELLS YOU TO DO, EVEN LITTLE THINGS!!!


David said...

another road down memory lane... we were left alone one afternoon. we were swimming in the pool and Scott decided to chuck a 30 lb weight into the pool. Well, nothing wrong with that right. But James was underwater and got hit in the face by the weight. He comes up a bloody mess and I check his mouth where most of the blood was coming from and see a teeth in weird spots and panic thinking he needs to be rushed off to medical. But he kept saying that it didn't hurt that bad. How can that not hurt??!! Come to find out, his teeth grew in weird like that and the weight just grazed him enough to get a cut.

And I definately agree with listening to the Spirit. I think it the most important thing we can learn in this life. I wonder sometimes if that's what most of this life is for... to teach us to listen. After watching the second Narnia movie, I really felt that was the strongest lesson being taught there.

Kari said...

ahhh. i'm so sorry Kylee. I'm glad your smiling in those pictures though.

Taush! Where are you? Do you ever come to check me out? Well, miss ya. Hope everything is okay over there. That was horrible. Sorry that had to happen to you. I know what you mean about that gut feeling, or the spirit. Whatever it is... w e need to listen! love ya

Erin Stones said...

Poor girl- I am glad that she is okay! If it makes you feel any better I once passed out after I cut myself shaving! I am always in fear of what I will do if any of my children come to me bleeding. Giving birth has done nothing to help toughen me up. In fact, I almost passed out just thinking about being awake during my c-section, and that was two weeks after the fact. So don't feel bad, you aren't alone!

Amy & Charlie Lawson said...

Tausha, how scary. I don't even know what it is going to be like when I finally have kids. I can't believe your are so grown up. They are all beautiful. Where are you living? Katie and her family are in Clearfield and Breanna and her family will be moving to South Jordan soon.

Eric and Jackie said...

I got your link off Kari's blog. I saw your Mom a few months ago at church and she told me you had 4 kids I can't believe it! You guys look so cute and I am happy you have a blog to keep updated.

Knotty Britta said...

Oh, that poor girl!! She's scared for her eye and then you faint. It would be funny if it wasn't so scary! I'm glad she is alright!