Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This is what Tyler does a hundred times a day! Seriously! Sometimes he practically pulls her out of my arms to kiss her.

The other day we told him he was going to his friend Will's house, who he absolutely adores, (the poor guy is surrounded by girls 24-7, so any boy time he gets is priceless.) He was jumping up and down because he was so excited. He ran like lightning out of the room and then all of a sudden did one of those cartoon stops...ya know...where you see smoke and skid marks...And layed a big wet kiss on Malia's cheek and said "I love you Mia's!" That is what he calls her. It was so cute. He is a great brother.


Erin Stones said...

Liberty smothers Hannah with kisses too! Tyler is probably a little more delicate with his though. I think that Hannah's life (luckily it is short) flashes before her eyes every time Liberty moves in for the kiss! Thanks for the visit this morning.

David said...

That is awesome!!
I love that!