Monday, June 30, 2008

My crippled husband =(

A couple of weeks ago James sprained his ankle really bad in a soccer game. The week before that he thought he broke a rib playing soccer too. I told him he might want to reconsider playing soccer, but he is like me with is just in our blood, we have to play (obviously at any risk)!
Here is his foot. It is hard to see how purple it really is. It was swollen for about a week. Poor guy. Being able to take care of him has made me so grateful for all the times he has taken care of me...all 4 name it. He is a very good at being a husband!


Kari said...

I love it when my husband is down. Even though I'm slaving around for him, I don't mind it. He actually gets to see what all I do in one day! So, it's his education!!!

David said...

Kylee and her eye, now James and his foot... tsk tsk tsk.

When he told me about his starting soccer playing he mentioned how out of shape he was. :) :) no pain no gain (blah blah blah)