Monday, June 30, 2008

My lovely Kylee!

Kylee always has been a very strong-willed child, from day one. She came out knowing what she wanted and wanting what she can get. I think that is a pretty typical first child attitude. But let me just tell you how grateful I am for this little girl!
I am loving summer and loving her being home. She is the light of my life.
I really do have to work hard at getting along with her and not letting her push my buttons, but I really enjoy her. She is very smart...(thanks to her daddy for giving her his brains), kind (she says the sweetest things and is sensitive to other people). I don't know what I would do without her to help me with Malia. She will hold her and play with her when I need her to. She is often sharing her things with her younger siblings, and teaches Tyler and Baily all sorts of things. I ask her to do so many favors for me and there isn't much (except to not complain at dinner time...which she does each and every night) that I ask of her that she isn't willing to do. I am grateful for my Kylee. Heavenly Father sure blessed me by sharing her with me!


Kevin and Celeste Christiansen said...

Tausha - Wow it has been a long time. You sure have a cute family. Your oldest looks exactly like you. So glad you found me.
love Celeste

Kari said...

I love love Kylee too! Can I have her?

David said...

isn't that awesome?!!!
you can love them so deeply and yet get annoyed... I have to wonder though, why do they try to push buttons? saying it's just to get attention doesn't completely seem to fit. But then again, if only we could figure out all of problems and why countries and religions fight over the silliest of things...

I feel like I'm learning quite a bit about my nieces and nephews here. :)

Lots of love to Kylee :)